2016 Bentley Flying Spur Exotic Car Rental

2016 Bentley Flying Spur

Name : 2016 Bentley Flying Spur

Make : Bentley

Model: Flying Spur

Model Year: 2016

Car Type: Exotic Car

Only the folks at Bentley would consider a $200,000 car as an “entry-level” sedan, but that’s the logic in the land of the super rich. Based on the Continental, the Flying Spur offers a 500-hp twin-turbo V-8 for the merely rich and a 616-hp twin-turbo W-12 for the truly wealthy. Both feature an eight-speed automatic, all-wheel drive, and a hand-sewn interior to please even the most sybaritic. Believe it or not, the V-8 is the more spirited driver of the two, but at these prices, does it matter? Dynamic differences are relatively modest. The V-8 car is about 330 pounds lighter than the one with the W-12, with most of that mass coming off the front end. As a result, it turns slightly more willingly and steers with more precision. This hasn’t transformed the car, which still feels substantial in a premium luxury way. The ride quality is Bentley plush, deeply appreciated over some of the broken British back roads on which we drove the car. The air suspension offers four levels of damping, with even the softest keeping the body under tight control when asked to deal with asphalt that seemed to have been relaid for the last time under (or possibly over) Queen Victoria. As with the rest of the Continental clan, the V-8 Spur’s four-wheel-drive system has been set up to ensure maximum traction at all times, and there’s never any sense that you can do much to influence your cornering line via the throttle. Not that you should try to, of course—you might spill the rear-seat occupants’ champagne. The eight-speed autobox shuffles its ratios smoothly and seamlessly in everyday use, but requests for sudden acceleration seem to confuse it momentarily as it delivers multiple kickdowns, one after the other. You can sharpen it by sliding the gear selector into Sport mode or taking control of selection yourself via the paddles located behind the steering wheel. U.S. buyers have already been able to choose the V-8 engine in the Continental coupe and convertible, and a take rate nearing 50 percent proves it possesses an appeal beyond its modest cost saving. The Flying Spur V-8 confirms that, when it comes to Bentley's, less really can be more.

2016 Bentley Flying Spur Car Rental Prices:

$1899.99 Daily
$13299.99 Weekly
$24999.99 Monthly

Car Rental Daily Mileage 50 miles

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2016 Bentley Flying Spur