2016 Mercedes S600 Maybach Luxury Car Rental

2016 Mercedes S600 Maybach

Name : 2016 Mercedes S600 Maybach

Make : Mercedes Benz

Model: S600 MAYBACH

Model Year: 2016

Car Type: Luxury Car

With a starting price under $190,000, the S600 represents considerable value compared to the last Maybach models: The 57 cost about twice as much as the S600 when new, and the 62 was priced even higher. Those prices, coupled with the recession, contributed to poor sales and led to Maybach’s demise. Nevertheless, some judges expressed a preference for the old marque. As Russ Faulk wryly observed, “This is not my ’Bach. Maybe it’s your ’Bach.” Regardless of how the car is branded, many judges held the S600—especially its interior—in high esteem. The rear seats, according to José Luis Nazar, provide the “best nap outside of a mattress.” Wanda Gierhart compared riding in the cabin to visiting a Chanel boutique, and Rich Soja equated the experience with “riding inside a 6,000-pound marshmallow.”

2016 Mercedes S600 Maybach Car Rental Prices:

$1749.99 Daily
$12199.99 Weekly
$49999.99 Monthly

Car Rental Daily Mileage 100 miles

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2016 Mercedes S600 Maybach