2016 Range Luxury SUV Rental

2016 Range

Name : 2016 Range

Make : Land Rover

Model: Supercharged Sport

Model Year: 2016

Car Type: Luxury SUV

New back in 2006, and completely reinvented with an aluminum body in 2014, the shorter, sportier Land Rover Ranger Rover Sport now shares architecture and some drivetrains with its bigger sibling, the Range Rover. For the 2016 model year, it adds two new sources of power--one more frugal, one not so much. The current Range Rover Sport is much lighter and more nimble than the first-generation model. It took unsexy materials science to make the Sport more slinky. Like the Range Rover, the Sport's body is now made from glued-and-riveted aluminum, a switch from steel that's said to be worth about 800 pounds of weight loss. More than ever, the Sport looks like a companion piece to the hallmark Rover--but it also wears some details influenced by the smaller, more stylish Evoque crossover SUV. The slim nose, winged headlamps, the dramatic roofline drop are all Evoque-like, while the cabin's pure Range Rover, architectural and calm, with the emphasis places on wide swaths of leather and aluminum, pared down to a minimum of surfaces, switchgear, and seams.

2016 Range Car Rental Prices:

$399.99 Daily
$2499.99 Weekly
$9499.00 Monthly

Car Rental Daily Mileage 100 miles

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2016 Range