Tesla Model S Exotic Car Rental

Tesla Model S

Name : Tesla Model S

Make : Tesla Model S

Model: P85D

Model Year: 2015

Car Type: Exotic Car

Warping from 0-60mph in 2.8sec has never felt so civilised, so incongruous, so 'ludicrous', as Tesla describes its hottest Model S yet, the all-electric P85D. Especially as this speed run isn't taking place on the Bonneville salt flats, but the sleepy industrial estate around Tesla's European assembly plant in Tilburg, the Netherlands. Position the car in the middle of the wide, empty road, grip the thick-rimmed wheel tight, note the silence: there's no rumbling supercar V12, despite the supercar performance. 'You might want to brace your head against the restraint,' our Tesla minder Anton warns my passenger. Surely an exaggeration..The P85D weighs around 2200kg, with approximately 700 kilos in batteries alone. Then there's a 100kg rear motor delivering 496hp, and a smaller 255hp motor acting on the front axle. The P85D weighs more than a base Range Rover, but it handles a lot more tidily. The thick-rimmed steering is meaty and progressive. Turn the nose into a corner and you feel a little hesitancy and roll, but once in, the Model S resists understeer strongly, gripping hard and happy for you to lay on the power. For the record, weight distribution is 51:49 front:rear. Like many electrified cars, braking is in two stages. Lift off the accelerator and the car slows sharply, as kinetic energy is captured and used to charge the batteries: this process is highlighted by the instrument panel graphic switching from orange to green. The skill is to look ahead and anticipate when you need to decelerate, so you can ease off the power and avoid making passengers’ heads nod. When you’re driving sensibly, you don’t need the Brembo friction brakes, whose feeling could be a little crisper on initial press.

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$3149.99 Weekly
$9999.99 Monthly

Car Rental Daily Mileage 50 miles

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